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 This section is not ready. This section is not ready.
-You can read about code architecture from here+Code architecture in general is described in this paper 
 +  * I. Valuev, A. Deinega, A. Knizhnik, B. Potapkin, "Creating Numerically Efficient FDTD Simulations Using Generic C++ Programming", Lecture Notes in Computer Science  4707, 213 (2007) [[http://www.springerlink.com/content/u4885898h47m3654/|http]]{{:valuev_-_creating_numerically_eficient_fdtd_simulations.pdf|PDF}} 
 /*{{url>http://fdtd.kintechlab.com/doxygen/html/en/index.html}}*/ /*{{url>http://fdtd.kintechlab.com/doxygen/html/en/index.html}}*/
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