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Code is being documented now, and we are planning to upload it at spring 2013. However, some part of the code can be already downloaded from Basic utilities library ivutils.

If you feel that you need the code to modify it, we can provide it under terms of license agreement with kintechlab.com. This agreement implies that you are not planning to distribute the code and you will refer to EMTL in your future publications. If you are interested, please email to fdtd@kintechlab.com, present yourself and your organization and describe which capabilities you are planning to include to EMTL.

Currently the binary versions of EMTL library are available compiled for Linux (gcc) and Windows (MS VS 2010). All necessary include files are also supplied in the corresponding archives. To use the library you will need to install FFTW and (optionally) MPI libraries. The MPI version of EMTL is compiled against the mpi.h header provided by MPICH2.

Download archive with EMTL library: emtl.zip

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